Samsung NX2000 Now Available In Malaysia

The Samsung NX2000 offering stylish, compact and slim design has been unveiled in Malaysia. In addition to design, NX2000 also comes bundled with the latest technology of smart cameras.

As an additional model to Samsung NX camera range, the new compact cameras are able to produce high-quality images comparable recordings done by professional photographers.

Samsung NX2000 Malaysia

In fact, the owner can share the recorded images more quickly co-partners will be directly from the camera.

According to the Managing Director of Samsung Malaysia Electronics, Kwon Jae Hoon, high demand for quality photography and facilities to upload images seen growing among Malaysians.

“At Samsung we are always sensitive to the needs and expectations of consumers in the digital image.

“The launch NX2000 will increase the demand for photo sharing among the public in this country,” he said in a recent statement.

He explained, in addition to cutting-edge communications era now, not only limited use of cameras to record images only, but these gadgets enable a person to convey expression and sharing good moments together with loved ones or friends via a recorded image.

NX2000 specially designed for use throughout the day to capture the important moments in more detail.

The camera has a 20.3MP sensor APS-C CMOS built-in which is capable of producing bright images and more clearly at a high level.

Together with eight frames per second recording capability (fps) allows NX2000 not miss a pivotal moment during the recording button cited.

Coupled with the speed shutter up to 1/4000, the task of recording images clearly even fast-moving easier.

NX2000 offers a display measuring 3.7 inches WVGA Full Touch Screen which provides the facility to control the function and navigation tools.

Sleek and modern, the screen is bright and clear NX2000 more even more simple and easy to use.

SMART mode which provides more options for users to record pictures and offers 14 different shooting modes.

Among NX2000 owners can record fast-moving objects such as children who were running with Action Freeze mode or shoot someone through the best of times Best Face mode where the recording is done by five-time and users can select the best pictures to share with friends.

Samsung also offers nearly 13 kinds of exchangeable lens for use with NX2000 start of the focusing lens and versatile ultra-compact to a premium portrait lens and a macro lens.

Wide angle lens also will give the best image capture experience NX2000 owners.

Samsung compact cameras also come equipped with video recording capabilities as well as 3D images which need to be attached to the lens Samsung 45-millimeter (mm) 2D/3D.

Ability WiFi connection is also available and is a major attraction NX2000 where the recorded image can be directly uploaded quickly with SMART technology CAMERA 2.0.

SMART CAMERA applications can be downloaded via both the iOS and Android platforms.

NX2000 is available in three colors: pink, white and black and are sold at a price of RM2,299 and is available at authorized distributor of Samsung Malaysia.

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